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Silver Spring, MD 20901


Tel: 717-638-8590

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Individual sessions are tailored to your needs and busy schedule, your goals and purpose for therapy are important and if I notice additional resources that might be helpful, I will communicate that information to get your feedback. 

Our therapeutic relationship is key in your progress and I want it to include open and honest communication with this process being a collaborative effort to make sure we maximize your growth. 


Sessions will help with the following:

  • Building healthy coping skills to manage mood disturbance, feeling overwhelmed, stress, anxiety, and life changes.

  • Finding your purpose and worth.

  • Learning new tools to use in everyday routines.

  • Help with managing interpersonal relationships, self-esteem, behavioral issues, anger management, identity issues, chronic illness and other issues that you're dealing with.

  • Mindfulness techniques to balance out one's thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

  • Insight on specific triggers and barriers impacting ones overall growth.

  • Focusing on routine goals that lead to self-discovery, inclusion, a holistic lifestyle, confidence in your abilities and feeling like you're enough in this life.  

 Life can get overwhelming, things happen out of your control, let MindBeWell teach you ways in being present, working on things within your control, building up your motivation and helping you create this good energy around you regardless of life's obstacles.