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Let MindBeWell help you with getting your mind back on track, building healthy coping skills and manage how you allow situations to deplete you of good energy that could better be used on your self-care and worth. 

Choose a video plan that includes individual counseling,  unlimited messaging with 2 video sessions (choose either 30 min or 60 min) a month.

Choose a phone plan that includes individual counseling,  unlimited messaging with 2 phone sessions (choose either 30 min or 60 min) a month. 

You may not be ready to schedule sessions yet, but you know you have a few challenges in your life that need some attention. This is the plan for you.

You Need that Moment of Clarity At Times To Understand Current Life Challenges..

Let me help you with that

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I'm a licensed professional counselor who has truly found her passion helping others see their strengths that could be overshadowed by certain hinderances. I’d like to think that being a voice of reason for friends also helped me to see my calling. I love anything health and wellness related.

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Change starts today, big or small, take a step to re-energize your life, get your life in check, get out of going through the motions to get aspects of your self-care in check and building a space around you that exudes good energy and makes you more of an active participant in your life. 

Working With Me, You Will Gain:






Motivation to Get

Your Life Together

Mindfulness to Manage Burnout

Mental Clarity

Alvina has been really helpful. She's been great at understanding my concerns and suggesting practical ways to tackle my anxiety in everyday life. 

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